Is it possible for a Sea-Doo Spark to pull a tube?

Can Sea-Doo Pull a Tube

Planning to buy Sea-doo spark or asking yourself if 90hp spark can handle adult towing? I have being fortunate to test both old and new sparks, and answer is not straightforward !

Towing is not just about horsepower a jet ski consist, its about rules, regulation to be followed, rope condition, weight onboarded, passenger weights and other factors. These factors can influence the quality of towing.

Talking about towing with Sea-Doo spark 3UP, it comes with 90 hp engine which is capable of doing little kids only with rider and spotter. It is definitely not recommended to go with spark if you are planning to tow an adult rider.

What You Should Know About Towing With A Sea-Doo Spark?

First of all, spark series is the cheapest watercraft model offered from Sea-Doo. As mentioned, spark comes with 60 & 90hp model, which is great for pulling small kids but cannot be use for adult tubing. I quote this statement based on poor history of spark as there have numerous report about the hull cracking when towing. Many forums filled up with engine struggle while towing weight behind it.

To counter, Sea-doo team have work to improve its hull’s durability, as marketed in their commercial videos where a speed gun ball hits the hull without causing damage. However, spark was never designed for heavy towing but do comes with pocket friendly budget and competitive range distance.

Adding further, factors like passenger weight, rope quality makes Sea-doo spark’s worse experience of towing when compared to full-on motorboat.

Sea-Doo Testing Spark’s Hull

Also, some of local government have their own set of rules, and one of being having 110 or more horsepower jet ski for towing a tube or wakeboard, this makes spark incompetent. Whereas, towing in US require at least three people on board. The first should be spotter, second should be driver and third of course being tuber.

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