Jet ski Gloves : Importance, Types & Top Choice

Jet ski Gloves

In beginning of career, I used to ride jet ski with bare hand, soon to realise the negative impact as the grip I was getting on 1st day was not same, also sunburn have negative result on back of my hand.

More importantly, I realised my palm was getting unusual lumps due to friction between grip and hand. All this factor adds up to the need of glove in jet ski clothing. In this article, I’ll highlight some key factor why glove are important for jet ski ride.

Why You Need Gloves for Jet Ski Ride?

Here are few of reasons to have glove which often beginners don’t realise at early stage : –

Grip: Water splashes and wet hands can lead to slipping, this is where you need hard grip which a good gloves can provide.

Comfort: I have experienced gloves that left my hands sweaty and uncomfortable. That’s why a glove that allows air circulation and reduces perspiration is a game changer.

Death Grip: I often have death grip using bare hand on my oldest jet ski models, which is where glove help with essential grip.

Blisters: On many occasion, I had painful sores on riding bare hand, this is due to constant friction between grip and hand. With basic gloves, all this issue can be overcame.

Dock line: You don’t want hard blister or pain when pulling or releasing dock line out too quickly, having soft paded glove can save you from pain.

On hot days: Jet ski components including handlebar—and even docks—can reach scorching temperatures; gloves serve as an insulation against this heat.

Warmness: Specialised watercraft gloves, like neoprene options, are designed to retain heat that comes handy in winter season.

Visibility and Communication: Different color glove can distinguish rider when riding in group, whereas communicating comes easy with hand gesture.

Water Splashes: Riding in rainy reason, rain drop feels like fine needles on bare hand, having glove do rescue rider from such situation.

Type of Gloves

1. Fingerless Jet Ski Gloves

Fingerless glove are for those who like to access phone, GPS or any touchscreen device. Such types of glove are easy to put on and off. Also, they provide same level of comfort at palm level.

Fingerless Glove

2. Half-Finger Gloves

Half-Finger gloves are somewhat similar to fingerless gloves, but they partially cover up fingers and leave the ends exposed. These are just suitable enthusiast who love jet skiing with other sports activity like ATV, Kayaking, etc.

Half Finger Glove

3. Full-Finger Gloves

The full finger gloves are common and practical glove used by most of riders. They cover up hand from wrist to finger. Due to its coverage, almost all sport coaches encourage to use this type of gloves.

Full Finger Glove

Best Jet Ski Gloves

Jettribe Gloves GP-30 series

Made from top quality woven lycra material that’s breathable and thinner than other watercraft gloves, plus design language provides outstanding functionality to the jettribe glove that you can rely on.

I like the sticky finger silicon that give you ultimate grip on throttle and padding over the palm that feels thicker. Jet tribe even feature tabs and woven strap to easily pull in and fit conveniently making it reliable choice for full finger gloves.

Jettribe Gloves
Material CompositionWoven lycra
Quick DryingYes
Skin FriendlyYes
FeaturesSticky finger, Woven Strap at palm

Neosport 3/4 finger neoprene gloves

Suitable for sailing, biking and jet ski riding, Neosport gloves are one of optimise gloves that are comfortable to wear and feels light on hand. There’s a neoprene material at the back that allow to runoff of the water and on the front you have suede like materials that makes grip at bit firm.

I really like finger cut design that help you to use touchscreen GPS or use the touch ID to open up phone. These gloves have holes up on the underside of the fingers that allow for a little airflow and runoff as well.

What I like about these gloves is ability to use little hook and thread on fishing you know which couldn’t be possible on full-on gloves.

Neosport 3/4 finger neoprene gloves
Material CompositionNeoprene
Quick DryingYes
Skin FriendlyYes
Features3/4 finger cut, Holes

Tilos 1.5mm -X mesh gloves

Tilos is popular and reliable brand dealing in beach and water-sport equipment. Tilos 1.5mm gloves is high rated glove made from neoprene material ensure no water stays on hand.

One of key feature that brand offer is 1.5mm thickness which ensure that wearer’s hand feel warm even in cold temperature. Whereas, sticky finger on glove provide excellent grip on throttle. I like how strap and stretchy material work together to give perfect fit on hand.

Tilos 1.5mm gloves
Material Composition4-Way Stretch Lycra,Neoprene
Quick DryingYes
Skin FriendlyYes
Durable1.5mm thickness

Final Recommendation:

In my views, I consider feature like fabric material, easy on and off, grip and then coverage, so if you like me – consider neoprene design with strap that make it easy to put in. Whereas, feature like sticky finger can enhance handling of ski.

For coverage, this depends upon individual like and dislike, some of you might consider fingerless design over half finger. Whereas, most of pro rider like to have full finger or half finger gloves.

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