Best Jet Ski Models for Riding on Ocean & Salt Water (2024)

Jet ski Models for Riding in Ocean & Salt Water

Ocean consist of unpredictable salt water conditions that demand a jet ski that can tackle such condition with stability and power for handling. Selecting the jet ski for ocean and salt water use is not just about speed; it is also about features such as deeper hull, and wide size dimension plays important role in rough water conditions.

In this article, I will listed some of jet ski that are best in terms ocean usage and salt water condition.

Below are Top jet ski for ocean & salt water riding :

  • Sea-Doo GTX Limited 2022/23
  • Yamaha FX HO 2022/23
  • Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX-S
  • Sea-Doo EXPLORER PRO 170

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 2022/23

The Sea-Doo GTX Limited offers a blend of stability and performance. It’s equipped with a powerful engine and deep V- hull design that allows watercraft to easily slice in choppy water. Whereas, Sea-doo restructured hull shape have better lower centre of gravity which further improves handling for touring riders.

Hull ShapeST3 Platform
Dimension (Length – Width – Height)L: 345.1 cm W: 125.5 cm H: 114 cm

Yamaha FX HO 2022/23

The Yamaha FX HO is known for its stability and reliability in choppy waters. With features designed for comfort and a hull that confidently cuts through the surf, it is the reason why most of jet ski rental preferred this watercraft.

Hull ShapeSMC
Dimension (Length – Width – Height)L: 358 cm W: 119.5 cm H: 118 cm

Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX-S

Kawasaki’s ULTRA 310LX-S is a one my top pick for riding in rough conditions. This jet ski boasts a robust engine, deep-V hull, plenty of storage, large fuel capacity all aids for a comfortable and stable ride. With the quick acceleration and great JETSOUND audio system, you can ensure to have thrilling ocean ride.

Hull ShapeDeep-V Hull
Dimension (Length – Width – Height)L: 358 cm W: 127 cm H: 123 cm


Sea-doo is often known for practicality products, but they did make challenging move by introducing Explorer Pro/Fish Pro series. The speciality of this series, they are lot bigger and heavy in all aspects.

Heavier and well engineered hull dimension does aid in rough riding condition. In ocean, this jet ski does feel like sumo jumping on water. With ample storage and a large fuel tank, coupled with the Garmin GPS and fishing features, it’s built for those who favor a jet ski that can double as a touring companion.

Hull ShapeST3 Platform
Dimension (Length – Width – Height)L: 373.4 cm W: 125.5 cm H: 140 cm


The Sea-Doo FISH PRO TROPHY features same hull as Explorer Pro i.e ST3 platform but with extra fishing equipment like rod holders, anchor storage, rear deck extension and additional storage options.

The aspect of well engineered hull design equipped with fishing accessories does make it standout from the rest all – This is best choice if there is no budget issue.

Hull ShapeST3 Platform
Dimension (Length – Width – Height)L: 373.1 cm W: 125.98 cm H: 115.06 cm

Key Features

When I consider the best jet ski model for ocean and salt water riding, I focus on dimensions, hull shape, and horsepower are essential for performance. Typically, a deep hull and wider jet ski will offer better stability in rough water.

The engine’s design should incorporate corrosion resistance to stand up against the harsh salt water environment. I always advise routine cleaning and maintenance to prevent saltwater damage. Furthermore, a wash-down after each saltwater exposure helps prolong the jet ski’s durability.

Final words

For comfort and luxury on the water, I opt for Sea-Doo Fish Pro, due its dimension and a hull designed, and being fan of fishing, this jet ski offers plenty of fishing tools that none of its competition offer.

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