Can You Wear Short Jeans on a Jet Ski?

Jeans on Jet ski?

No, you are not allowed to wear short jeans on jet ski, its because of safety reasons. Wearing short clothes exposes the whole body to lot of harsh water splashes and scorching sun heat. Secondly, its against manufacturer guideline to wear jeans over neoprene clothing. Third, jeans are made from durable cotton which can sock more water, making it dangerous and heavier in water.

The Issue with Wearing Short Jeans on Jet ski

Apart from set rules & guidelines – wearing short jeans have below issues :

  1. Short jeans tends to be uncomfortable in wet condition.
  2. Denim becomes heavy, absorbing water rather than repelling it.
  3. Short jeans opens the body part with harsh water splashes & scorching sun heat.
  4. Tight jeans restrict motion of movement.
  5. Rental companies don’t allow jet skiing with just short jeans, its against their insurance policies and also its insecure for user.

Are short jeans or denim allowed ?

Jeans or denim fabric is made from cotton yarn, a water friendly material that easily let’s water in, that’s why brand restrict this material from the usage. Brand recommends having safe clothes that includes Neoprene shorts for all riders. Neoprene is quick dry material, with 1-2mm thickness providing the rider with the extra layer of warmth and protection.

On the other hand, use of denim is against PWC rental & insurance company’s policy, due to un-safe nature for user. If you not wearing proper jet ski wear, rides can be canceled from jet ski rental company without issuing rent refunds.

Are Denim Jeans allowed on Jet ski
Are denim Jeans allowed on Jet ski

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Alternatives to Short Jeans

I suggest having synthetic swimsuits fabric that allow full motion and won’t weigh you down like denim when wet. For men, I suggest having swim trunks or board-shorts work well. For women, they can opt to wear neoprene short on swimsuits.

Many brands have their niche attire, brands like Nike and Under Armour make shorts specifically for this sport. I suggest avoiding shorts with zippers or buttons that can cause unintended irritation to the skin when wet.

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