Find the Perfect Jet Ski Anchor: A Guide to Different Types of Anchors

Best Jet ski Anchoring System

I often get asked by jet ski enthusiasts when and where they should use an anchor for their personal watercraft. Anchoring your pwc allows you to stop and relax in one area, without worrying about vehicle drifting. After all, nobody wants the watercraft to float away and likely to cause damage to other riders.

There are several types of jet ski anchors available, with the most popular being foldable grapnel anchors and fluke anchors. Grapnel anchors provide excellent holding in sand or mud. Fluke anchors are easy to store and great for rocky bottoms. Whereas, in rough condition, mushroom anchor have excellent holding power.

In this blog post, I will include few best jet ski anchor based on personal experience with their likes & dislikes, so you can distinguish and opt for one which is best suitable for you. For quick snippet, below is the table about which anchor is suitable for which condition :

Anchor/EnvironmentCalm SurfaceMud ConditionRock/WaterSandy
Screw Anchor
Sand Anchor
Fluke Anchor
Grapnel Anchor
Anchor Systems

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Jet ski Anchor

Size and Dimension:

Off-course, a Kawasaki 310 with weight 1,074 pound certainly require heavy duty anchoring like fluke anchoring, whereas lightweight spark owner can opt to have sand anchor. This is due to carrying capacity this anchor hold up, so keep this in mind.


The materials used for developing anchor also differ, with galvanised steel being a best choice due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and affordability. Stainless steel offers a premium look and feels, while aluminium is lightweight and easy to manufacture. All have their pros and cons.


The price of anchors varies by country due to the different materials used in their manufacturing. I have listed common type of jet ski anchors and their corresponding price ranges.

AnchorPrice in USAPrice in UKPrice in Australia
Screw AnchorFrom: $55 – 150$From: £40 – £130Less Option
Sand AnchorFrom: $19 – $35From: £19 – £38From: $35 – $70
Fluke AnchorFrom: $30 – $100From: £50 – £180From: $40 – $150
Grapnel AnchorFrom: $30 – $50From: £35 – £70From: $35 – $65

Best Jet Ski Anchor Systems – Guide to the Best Anchor

Screw Anchor

Screw Anchor is one well engineered anchoring system available in the market. You won’t be disappointed with this anchor that can actually let you easily anchor just within few minutes. Even hours later, you will find your watercraft at same place. The screw anchor just need to be screwed in calm water and un-screw it when you are about to leave the place. It is that simple.

If you want hassle-less anchoring, then screw anchor is an ideal choice in that case. This extremely practical and lightweight anchor can easily work on sand or mud environment.

Advantage of Screw Anchor

  • Quick anchoring procedure saves time.
  • Works well in sand and mud.
  • Most version available in US market are collapsible and easy to transport.

Sandshark Lite Series Screw Anchor

Sandshark Lite Screw Anchor System
  • Foam grip makes easier turning and its polished stainless steel dig effortless.
  • Padded case gives extra protection from scratches or resistance.
  • Comes from Renowned Brand.


  • It can be used as a jet ski anchor or small boat anchor.
  • Premium screw auger drills down into the sand efficiently.
  • Removable handle and is easy to turn.


  • Anchoring in areas with deep water can be challenging due to the need to dive and twist the anchor into the sand, which can be difficult and potentially dangerous.
  • Using stainless steel in the anchor can impact visibility when submerged deep, making it hard to locate and retrieve.
  • The ability of this anchor to hold power can be doubted.

Sand Shark Super-sport Screw Anchor

Sand Shark Anchor
  • Collapsible handle can give you extra grip while digging.
  • A nylon padded case is included for protection.
  • This anchor makes it easy to tether off the beach in shallow water and is suitable for Jet ski.


  • The anchor is made of durable materials making it long-lasting.
  • It can be used with various PWC, including boats, wave runners, making it a good choice.


  • Slightly pricier than other PWC anchors on the market.
  • May doubt its holding power in strong winds, potentially leading to drifting or dragging.

Sand or rock anchor

If you want something that is less expensive and very compact in size, than choosing a sand anchor will work for you. All you need to do is, fill up a bag with sand or rock and then connect your rope on the front hook with it. Thats it !

This is kind of DIY thing to get anchor for water equipment. As an alternative to sand anchor, you can also go for rock anchor. Fill up big bag with plenty of rocks available in the sea shore to create a sturdy anchoring. The only disadvantage of this type of anchor is that it can spill up anywhere if the bag gets torn.

Advantage of Sand Anchor

  • Low pricing when compared to other anchors.
  • Can be used with both sand and rock.
  • Just need to carry empty bag onboard.

2-in-1 Sand Anchor

2 In 1 Sand Anchor
  • High grade PVC material can withstand sharp edges stone.
  • It can also be used empty as a buoy or as a dry bag for personal items.
  • Holds up to 50 lbs of sand.


  • The anchor can hold up to 20-50 pounds of sand, rocks.
  • The yellow color with bright red ropes makes it easily visible.


  • Sharp wires can easily get exposed during usage, risking to the users.
  • Water can log through some open mouth despite the outer surface being water-resistant.
  • I found ropes can be rough during heavy lifting causing blister on hand.

Extreme Max 3006.6628 Sand Anchor

Sand Anchor
  • Mini-version for easy to carry and store in jet ski.
  • Easy to fill and use – No holes even after multiple uses.


  • This miniature bag can hold up 35 lbs. of weight.
  • Multiple bright color options are available as per individual preferences.
  • The kit all anchoring parts, including a buoy, and 6′ rope.


  • Not recommended for larger or heavy boats, which require more durable and sturdy anchors.
  • Don’t have holding power during strong currents or windy conditions.

Fluke anchor

Well suited for the worst tidal conditions, this anchor is something that I absolutely like to have. If you like the idea of a sand anchor, fluke anchor is even better.

I love fishing and this anchor have excellent hold power in offshore. You can choose this anchor for sand areas as a trusted anchoring system. However, a few people just do not like the idea of choosing fluke as they are very expensive and bulky in nature. Other than that, they are bad when it comes to storage as sharp points can damage storage compartment.

This anchor works on 5 : 1 ratio, means you require 5ft rope for every foot of water you are in. Use it alongside a rope or a chain so that things go accordingly as desired.

Advantage of Fluke Anchor

  • Fluke anchor’s has reliable holding power in sand and soft mud.

Sea-choice Utility Anchor

Sea Choice Fluke Anchor System
  • Anchor have excellent deep penetration into a seafloor.
  • Its slip ring shank makes it easy to retrieve when stuck.


  • The anchor penetrates well in seafloor, ensuring a secure hold.
  • The anchor is recommended for boats 15-19 feet long.


  • Rough edges appears easily within few day usage.
  • Rust magnet due to poor galvanised coating.

WindRider Superior Kit Anchor

Windrider Fluke Anchor System
  • Kit includes chain and long rope.
  • Perfect for larger boats.


  • Weighted chains add more mass to the anchor’s shank, improving its holding power.


  • Sharp edges can easily damage storage compartment.
  • Lacks proper instruction or guidance on usage.

Grapnel Anchor

Grapnel or folding is a popular anchor to levitate watercraft in place. I always carry a compact, foldable grapnel system in my jet ski gear bag. With the right rope and proper technique, it grips firmly to keep my jet ski from drifting while I’m fishing. This anchors is easy to stow and deploy, making one of go-to anchors for jet skiing.

Advantage of Grapnel Anchor

  • Sharp edges dig well, making it the best option for mooring to the shoreline. 
  • It is one of reliable option in sand area.

Extreme Max 3006.6548 Anchor

Extreme Grapnel Anchor
  • This anchor comes hand in windy conditions.
  • The kit-bag is thick and durable.
  • The anchor line may not be long enough. 


  • The sturdy nylon storage bag with protective padding keeps your anchor kit organised when not in use.


  • After 4-5 usage, have minor signs of rust.
  • A shorter rope is not reliable.

Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor

Gradient Marine Anchor
  • The anchor folds into a 12” x 3” size and slips into a compact storage bag.
  • The anchor is rust resistant with 25 feet of green/black marine grade rope (7mm thick).


  • Anchor has an anti-rust coating on its outer layer.
  • The folding anchor is compatible with all weather conditions, making it suitable for any kayak or jet ski.


  • Fishing at the shore could be problematic due to the short rope, which might restrict the user’s reach or mobility.
  • The fitment of the ring that locks the claws could be better.

Other Anchors

Apart above anchors, we are yet to test mushroom anchor, which is excellent for shoreline anchoring, works well in mud and weeds. Whereas, Plow anchors, also known as sea anchors, have excellent holding power even in grassy or rocky areas.


Which is the best anchor for a lightweight jet ski like the Yamaha Wave-runner?

Sand anchors is the recommended choice for lightweight jet skis, but screw anchor system have the benefit of being portable in size, making it easier to use and store.

What kind of anchor is best for heavy-weight jet ski like the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX?

For a 3-seater jet ski like Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX which weight more thousand pounds. The best options for this type of PWC are the Grapnel or Fluke anchors.

What kind of anchor should I use for calm water when using a jet ski?

I recommend using a sand bag or grapnel anchor for holding jet ski on calm water conditions. Both types are suitable and works well for this condition.

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