Women – Can I Wear Bikini on Jet Ski

Bikini on Jet ski?

No, you cannot wear bikini or swimsuit on jet ski, this is due their friendly material which easily let water in, which can be cautious in case there is deep wound on body. Also, matter of fact, bikini or swimsuit can easily cause skin damage during bright sunlight.

As a good piece of advice, you should not dress up yourself with lesser clothes. Always aim to cover yourself very well during any water-sport activity.

Can You Wear Bikini On High Speed PWC?

I’ve often been asked by women whether they can wear a bikini or short clothes during the activity. Well, this is serious topic because nothing can be more dangerous than dressing up in a bikini over the water craft.

It’s best to wear a bikini as long as you are good at doing it for entertainment or advertising purposes and photo clicking. However, if you’re seriously going to ride solely on bikini, do not go for this attempt as you may severely damage the skin on falling or crashing. Since the material used in such swimwear are spandex or lycra, which can’t resist heavy splashes. Whereas, neoprene shorts prevent your lower body from water intervention. If you don’t understand, please read this eye opener story from Tessa Fleming.

Also, most of manufacturer share guideline either through handbook or back sticker, where they strictly warns to wear only bikini or swimwear. Whereas, rental companies have strict policies of having Neoprene to follow insurance guideline. My advise go for any swimsuit with neoprene short over jet ski clothing.

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Do you go barefoot on jet ski?

No, forget about going barefoot on a jet ski ride, there is high chance you’ll end-up hurting your leg if you decide going barefoot on jet ski. Here are some points, why you should have proper water shoes :

  • There are uncalled loose bolts that can cause severe damage if you dare to footstep with bare legs.
  • How many times you have ended you have realised there are sharp stones in shallow water. This is where this water shoes comes to rescue.
  • Boat ramps, docks are mostly wet, and you don’t want to slip on them. Water shoes have better grip than regular slippery shoes.
  • Shoes protect you from wooded splinters, there is high chance docks are made from wooden.
  • In summer, docks gets warm, you do not want to grill your feet.
  • I have came circumference, where I caught big fish that landed in wrong angle on my jet ski dock. Since the fish had some life left, she bite me on toes. Thankfully, I was wearing close toe shoe, I survived the attack.

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