Going Jet Skiing? What to wear for Comfort Ride on Jet Ski

What Should I Wear for Jet ski Ride?

I often get asked, “What should I wear on a jet ski?” To answer in short, your jet ski attire can be as simple as a bathing suit or wetsuit, with, of course, a life jacket on top.

Before gearing up on your WaveRunner, you have to prepare yourself like you’re ready to get wet – because, let’s face it, you will be! So, get yourself prepared and apply sunscreen, as the sun can be harsh on sunny day, as you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster at the end of the day.

This are basic thing, but we are here to discuss about the essential jet ski gear & apparel. I’m also going to give you best option (thanks to Brian Lockwood for his suggestion) that would keep you warm, protected and fashionable at the same time. Let’s get started –

Important Jet ski Apparel/Clothing

When it comes on wearing jet skiing, there are other options to explore such as loose swim trunks, t-shirt, bikini, which you may be wondering fashionable but not all are necessary, since they un-reliable on high speed.

Also as per U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division, appropriate attire is crucial for safety on the water. Here is the list of Important accessory for jet ski clothing includes:

A vest with nylon swim trunks (lycra for women) is among the most popular wear, if you are somewhat same, ensure to wear life jacket at least. Rest all option are not necessary but can improve riding experience.

Jet ski life jacket

Amongst all accessories and clothing you choose, a jet ski life jacket is the hell important thing to be with you. This will help you to swim back in case you fall off from your vehicle or meet an accident.

Airhead Swoosh – Life Saver

The Airhead Swoosh life jacket is my go-to choice. With USCG approval and Type III Class, the Airhead Vest comes with closed sides that is adjustable to body shape allowing comfort and full allowance of motion.

Equipped with front buckles and customs graphic, it instills a sense of confidence when you put it on and being stylish at same time. If you tall person, avoid this vest, due to its smaller sides.

Airhead Swoosh - Life Saver

Airhead Swoosh – Life Saver

  • Full motion
  • Closed Sides
  • USCG Approved

Jet ski shoes

Trust me, I’ve been in this sports, and came to conclusion that all shoes ain’t meant to hit the water. It’s about safety and comfort that make rider more confident and prepared.

In my opinion, waterproof features and grip are the two main factors that can make or break your jet skiing experience.

SEEKWAY Water Shoes

At early days of my training, unfortunately I wore a regular sneakers instead of water shoes. Not only did they become waterlogged and heavy, but they created problems in driving jet ski.

I remember how my feet kept slipping, making it difficult to maintain control. That’s when I realize the importance of proper footwear and landed buying SEEKWAY Water Shoes.

This sturdy pair of shoes comes with thick rubber sole in front, also being lightweight at same time. What adds up is the drainage holes that makes it more practical for jet skiing. Though it comes with elastic fabric, but this may cause issue with some sensitive skin.

SEEKWAY Water Shoes

SEEKWAY Water Shoes

  • Thick rubber sole
  • Drainage hole
  • Lightweight & stylish

Seac Dive Wetsuit Boots

Amongst the best shoes for winter months, Seac Pro boots is a good suggestion to go for. The 6MM thick shoes is ideal for colder water diving, especially when wearing a wetsuit.

What make is different is its solid, hiking-like sole with big tread, offering more practical use than a typical neoprene boot. If you’re seeking a rough, dive-friendly shoe for challenging terrains, this is the shoe that won’t fail your expectation.

Seac Dive Wetsuit Boots

Seac Dive Wetsuit Boots

  • Perfect for water diving
  • Big Tread
  • Keeps feet warmer in cold

Jet ski Hand gloves

While fishing or doing different types of jet ski sports activities, a nice pair of jet ski gloves will avoid scratches and rash. Also, it provides more mobility to your fingers. The ones with excellent grip and mobility would make a difference.

Neosport 3/4 finger gloves 

I have been using 3/4 finger glove for a year, it gives me that extra comfort ability as I don’t have to hold on to the handlebars as hard and it saves on a lot of muscle usage trying to tighten up on the bars, thanks to its extra grip.

The back of glove is made from thin neoprene material that effectively sheds water, while the front is made of a suede-like material for optimal grip. Yes, it does have ventilation holes under the fingers allowing for airflow. I absolutely love fingerless design that makes practical like using a phone or fingerprint recognition.

Neosport 3/4 finger gloves 

Neosport 3/4 finger gloves 

  • Airflow through ventilation holes
  • Practical design
  • Enable to use phone

Neosport 5mm gloves

The 5mm Neosport gloves comes with thermal protection and has thicker design that helps to provide extra secured grip. The seams are fluid taped to prevent water ingress, ensuring that the heat from your hands is trapped effectively. This glove are great option for protecting your hands from freezing.

Neosport gloves - Fluid Tape
Neosport gloves – Fluid Tape
Neosport 5mm gloves

Neosport 5mm gloves

  • Thicker design
  • Has extra protection to prevent water ingress
  • Excellent in protecting fingers from freezing

Jet ski wet suit/dry suit

A PWC wetsuit and a drysuit are not cut from the same cloth, their fitting varies significantly. It’s crucial to give them a trial run before making a purchase. Admittedly, both options might make your wallet a bit lighter as they carry a hefty price tag. However, considering their durability and the safety they provide, they’re worth every penny.

O’Neill Reactor – Wetsuit

One of the top picks in the wetsuit department is the O’Neil Reactor. Crafted for effectiveness and cost-efficiency, it is available in full and shorty body suit. The new O’Neill Reactor stands out on its material quality by providing super stretch material across the shoulder panel. This flexibility becomes makes a difference when you’re diving or fishing from jet ski.

O'Neill Reactor - Wetsuit

O’Neill Reactor – Wetsuit

  • Premium material makes movement possible and easy
  • Comes in shorty & full body suit
  • High quality zipper

Dry suit

The one who have just begun with jet ski riding should go for a dry suit as a better safety factor. The wet suit might give you a feeling of restriction whereas drysuits provide more comfortability. Drysuits simply keep you dry and do not cover up the entire body.

O’Neill drysuits comes with heavy zipper, ensuring no water seepage. It includes a dry neck seal that fits snugly against your neck. If you’re looking for a suit that stays warmer during diving or other prolonged cold water activities, this is an excellent choice.

O'Neill Drysuits

O’Neill Drysuits

  • Come with heavy zipper
  • Seal Neck, feet and hand
  • Keeps body warm during cold

More suggestions for jet ski clothing –

  • Jet ski Socks

The best socks are most of the time made out of neoprene material. They forever keep your feet warm and are very comfortable because of their stretchy nature.

  • Surf Jacket

Go for a surf jacket that is waterproof and can retain body temperature in case of extreme cold climate.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses or goggles are not must have accessory, but if you’re hitting the waves later in the day as the sun begins to descend, I strongly suggest donning a pair.

  • Dry bag

A typical dry bag at your disposal can help you to store your mobile phone, keys, goggles and other important things very safely together in one place. It protects your belongings against water splashes and damages.

Things to Carry for After Ride:

It’s always wise to pack a few extra essentials that can come to your aid once your ride comes to an end. Here are a few things that might come handy:

Things to CarryFor MenFor Women
Dry Garment (breathable preferable)T-shirt with PJsT-shirt with Lycra
Towel and Change of ClothesTowel, Extra pair of shorts, T-shirtTowel, Extra swimsuit, Cover-up
Sunburn ProtectionSunscreen, Goggle, HatSunscreen, Eye-wear, Cap

The above list are suggestion and totally depend upon individual preference, you can also opt to carry fresh outfit and snacks in case required.

Should I wear shorts on a jet ski?

No, you can’t wear shorts denim on jet ski, however there is no certain law in US state. In case if you plan to wear shorts, we recommended wearing Nylon swim trunks or board shorts which are more comfier than regular shorts.

What do you wear on a jetski tour?

A good combination is a T-shirt with PJs or Lycra (for women) underneath is best option. It is also advisable to bring an extra pair of shorts, t-shirts, and a fresh outfit (In case required). Additionally, an extra swimsuit is always a good choice. Sunscreen, hats and eye-wear are some other things you can carry on tour.

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