How Do I Pick the Right Jet ski Bag

Jet Ski Bags

Tell me, how many times have you came across, where you missed your waterproof bag on jet ski trip? Every 2 out of 4 occasion ! Yes, thats how much a jet ski bag is important for jet skier. Both beginner and experienced rider require “X” number of gadgets and gears on jet ski ride, for which they require a bag to carry all these together.

Speaking about personal preference, I prepare my day by having essential safety equipments and gears in my jet ski bag, especially if its with Brian lockwood. My bag needs to be durable, waterproof, and properly sized to carry everything I need. In this article, I’ll share my views on how to pick jet ski bag that will make the touring process much easier.

Main purpose

Let’s acknowledge, different riders have their own reason and requirement to have jet ski bag, ultimately leading to have bag for different usage and purpose. Will this bag primarily used for storage and serve to hold your gears as a transport accessory ? Or will it be an onboard bag accessories to supply gears, tools when needed ?

By answering the above question, will help you determine your ideal jet ski bag size, and design you are looking for. In general, a rider experience a lot of turbulence during PWC ride, so does the bag, and that why durability with maximum space should be top priorities.

Determine what you need to store

Once you’ve decided on the main purpose for your jet ski bag, make a detailed list of all the gear, accessories, and personal items you’ll need for a day out on the water. 

For most riders, the list includes wetsuit, water shoes, towels, a dry clothes, snacks, first aid kit, and other small accessories like sunglasses, phone. I recommended having safety gears like life jackets, ropes, and tool kit anytime on water. This will help you to determine the size of bag you requires.

well-packed jet ski bag

Likewise, If you like to store bag on board just like me, so that it can useful for all members using particular PWC, consider fair amount of size before jumping on to next step.

Pro tip: A bag with the compartment will help you organising all these items efficiently. With my experience a bag size between 30L to 45L capacity is ideal for most recreational PWC outings.

features to look for

  • Waterproofing is an absolute must-have for jet ski bag.
  • A good graded fabric will handle all bumps and scratches.
  • Having compartment in bag keeps thing organise and neat.
  • Look for quick access pouches.
  • Adjustable straps is great for comfortable carrying.

Backpack Style

I am kind of person, who loves jet skiing along with hiking, this is where I prefer having backpack-style bag for touring. They are so good at carrying full luggage even at longer distance, this is due to two shoulder straps that make weight distribution equally.

I’m currently using Geckobrands paddler 45L made from 600D polyester with a waterproof coating, which have withstand most of my thrilling tours. This 45L capacity have ample space to carry wetsuits, towels and other accessories. Thanks to its large external zipper pocket, accessing my GPS, Phone and other items came very handy.

Geckobrands paddler 45L
Gecko brands paddler 45L

Duffle Style

Duffle are probably the most classic and simple PWC bag option. Easy to access gear, and one hand operation to carry makes thing simple. One of business who provide jet ski duffle bag is sealine brand, this company comes from Cascade designs who are among popular seller in PWC gears. 

Sealine has enough of experience in dealing with waterproof marine gears, and duffel pro zip bag is a product to describe their expertise with full submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It is very well optimised for jet skiing and features like abrasion-resistant fabric and excellent zipper quality. With multiple sizes from 40L up to 100L, you can find the perfect capacity.

Sealine Pro Zip Duffel Bag
Sealine Pro Zip Duffel Bag

Lastly, for those who need high capacity, cargo bags are a great choice. They can fit 50L+ when expanded and often feature high quality wheels to roll the bag. The only limitation is that cargo bags can be hefty for one person to carry when loaded fully. But for family or group trips, they’re better.

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