10 Best Jet Ski Fishing Accessories 2024 (How to Set Up)

Jet ski fishing Gear

Jet ski fishing is absolutely fun activity but only with correct accessories. For fisher, it can be embarrassing to miss out on gear that could have made a successful fishing. That is why, I have done all the hard work to create a list of jet ski fishing accessories that will help you fish with confidence.

Essential jet ski fishing accessories

Let me clear, I am not going to mentioned fishing rods, lures, tackle box, since without them fishing is incomplete. I am going to guide here with accessories that enhance your fishing experience.

Some of these accessories requires modification, rigging and some you need to carry yourself. Accessories like canopy, fishing rod needs some modification on jet ski, whereas, rod holder need rigging.

So, if you are a newcomer, someone who love outdoor adventures, this guide on jet ski fishing accessories is perfect for you. Lets dive into gears :

1. Cooler Rack and rod

Cooler rack and rod is the first thing that I need to have in jet ski while going out for fishing. I prefer having six holder platinum 6 rod rig due to its compatible to store cooler box along with handy rod holders.

Trust me, this rack holder have excellent aluminium frame that can easily mount at the deck without drilling on jet ski. Only downside, it can’t occupy big box that can store big fish, for that you’ll need customised rack.

Fishing Rack and rod

Fishing Rack and rod

  • Comes with bungee cord for secure fit.
  • Aluminium unibody material
  • All Welded joints, no bolts.

2. Boat converter

Have you wondered if your jet ski could turn into boat. Guess what, there is accessory to do this ! dockitjet is licensed company who produces inflatable tenders, collars to convert your pwc into boat.

I like how collars have option to hook up canopy over jet ski. Trust me, this comes handy in hot weather. Though, I am still not faithful in buying this, since the reliability of this accessory can be question. Also, it requires heavy rigging which might void warranty.

In case you have not seen anybody using them, just refer to online videos or someone who has a good idea about it.

Jet ski to Boat converter
Jet ski to Boat converter

3. Cooler box

Echosmile is worthy contender to mention in this, having thick seal to keep thing really cool inside and thanks to this seal that don’t make hard plastic thud sound – I really don’t like thud sound from plastic.

With rubber latches that are easy to put on but difficult to put off – I think this plus point as this keeps stuff contained inside during heavy waves. Also, well engineered handles that are comfortable to hand, and don’t make you feel the weight compared to traditional heavy box.

I do like non-stick pads that works well on wet surface, but they could have better, may be extra width pads could have worked. Overall, its great cooler at the price it being offered.

Pro Tip: I prefer having compartment in fish cooler box to keep things organise, this can be done via customised aluminium frame.

Fish Cool Storage Box

Fish Cool Storage Box

  • Thick seal Top
  • Super tight rubber latches
  • Permafrost insulation

4. Rod Holder

If you are like Williams Curtis, who want to have rod holder in front deck, then you can opt for Amarine fish rod holder, I like how easily it get attached to the passenger rail or rear tow hook of a jet ski without causing any damage to the body.

Plus, the rubber lining inside the pole ensures your rod stays in position and free from rust. I won’t recommend having two or more sets of rod holder towards backend.

Rod Holder

Rod Holder

  • Protected rubber cover
  • Easy to Mount
  • Flexible location

5. Sunshade canopy

A sunshade canopy needs to be compatible and provide high coverage, this bimini is probably the best in doing that. It comes aluminium poles with polyester top made from 600D that can withstand rain, saltwater.

With the price ranging from 150 to 200$, Naviskin gives you variety of sizing with 10 color option. Also, straps at front and back makes its compatible with other PWC.

What I didn’t like ? Though, it don’t require any skills to setup but lack of installation manual may not be helpful for beginners.

5. Sunshade canopy


  • Decent coverage
  • Thick straps
  • Easy installation

6. Glove clips

This is slightly weird to be added in the list of jet ski fishing accessories but essential. However, this might be a personal preference for keeping things nearby. The clips make it very convenient to store your gloves, keys, hand towel with easy accessibility.

Glove accessories

Glove Clip

  • 15 pound safety breakway
  • Non-corrosive material
  • 12 different color

7. Fuel cans

Sometimes, you may accidentally get over or run out of fuel while hunting for the perfect fishing spot. In that case extra fuel can of Stens No-spill 2.5 is your best partner. This fuel can has cap that is covered with high quality gasket seal that avoid gas leakage, plus the transparent line in front helps you measure oil present in tank, very handy features in practical usage.

I like the how its push button lever can leverage optimum output gas and once you are done, it has nozzle cover that prevents debris from getting in and mixing.

Fuel Cans

Extra Fuel

  • Push button control
  • 3 GPM flow rate
  • International compliant

8. Fish Finder + Gps Navigation

Opt for the Garmin Striker Plus 4, which is not only GPS but also more user-friendly fishfinder. It excels in its functionality by being pretty accurate at finding the fish. With the price range 150 to 180$, you can’t beat this gadget with the feature it offers.

What I like? its fish finding notification, so it basically beeps, when it picks up a fish on screen. Plus, It gives all detail about the depth of fish, feet distance, structure etc.

It does have different mode like traditional, clearVU, flasher, split frequency to give you fair idea about the detail with different measures and view. I like how ClearVu helps you identify structure of lake, pond or fish. Also, this waterproof fish finder comes with GPS that helps you navigate route to return to your location.

Garmin GPS

Garmin Fish Finder GPS

  • Track depth line
  • Fish Notification
  • GPS + Fishfinder

9. Rescue board

Would you like to catch or hold of a big fish during your cruising? Yes, with the help of rescue board it is possible. Rescue sled let you store big fish that are as large as 2 feet long. The only thing that concern is storing about rescue fled and hedging with watercraft. but, this rescue board is inflatable, means you can fold and store in compartment.

Rescue Board

Rescue Board

  • Inflatable.
  • Takes less space compare to others.
  • Quickly deflates and fold.

10. PWC anchor

There are various types of anchor for jet ski that works on different surface, but my personal being foldable grapnel anchor that works on mud, sandy and calm water, whereas it can be folded and stored in small bag. It feature marine grade rope, which easily withstand saltwater and mud, keeping thing sorted.

This is relatively affordable and something you would need in the list of ultimate fishing equipment for jet skiing.

Gradient Anchor
Gradient Anchor


  • 3.5lb folding Anchor.
  • Well packaged with floating buoy and hook.
  • 7mm thick rope.

How Do You Set Up a Jet Ski For Fishing?

Jet ski fishing accessories
Jet ski fishing rack
Rod holders
Boat conversion
PWC rescue board
Rod holder

Keep in mind, the goal is to make your fishing experience as smooth as possible. So, whether you’re investing in new gear or customizing your own, a well-equipped jet ski fishing rig can truly transform your fishing adventures. It offers the simplicity and affordability that a boat can’t match.

It’s worth noting that manufacturers are stepping up their game, launching special PWC models designed with fishing in mind. The Sea-Doo Fish Pro and the recently introduced Kawasaki Ultra LX-F are prime examples, which comes with modern fish finder and gps all equipped. So, if you’re a fishing enthusiast looking for a new machine, don’t miss out on these models.

Final words

Here we conclude the list of important fishing gear. Creating the list was not easy, but I know how important it is to help people who love water sports. Let me know your thoughts if I have missed out on any accessory.

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