Top 5 Reasons Why BRP Sea-Doo Freedom PFD is Ultimate Choice

Sea-doo Freedom Review

When it comes to choosing PFD, a rider looks for life vest that emphasise on airflow, free movement, performance and feature that can enhance riding experience. Sea-doo Freedom life jacket is all about above.

In this article, I’ll give 5 reason why this BRP Sea-doo Freedom PFD is a must-have for any adult who loves spending time on the water.

Reasons to Choose Sea-Doo Neoprene Freedom PFD

Reason 1: Unmatched Comfort and Fit

Sea-doo freedom is example how basic thing matter to user, brand did their R & D by providing flexibility and durable material at the same time, I mean there ain’t any hard slab of foam inside making it comfortable, whereas rubber free ecoprene material gives excellent strength.

To add more flexibility, it has stretchy fabric at sides that aids body movement. With strap and zipper, it is most simplest vest to put in and put off, so its comfortable and secure.

Reason 2: Advanced Material and Design

Sea-doo have used ecoprene material, which kind of free from virgin petroleum products, so it is friendly to environment. It comes with polyurethane outer mesh just like a wetsuit, which is kind of water-repellent, very useful in rainy season.

I found this freedom PFD have large cut out at arms and have foam around it further adding arm movement and comfort. Trust me, I haven’t seen many PFD having this much of arm holes.

At bottom, it does have mesh (semi hexagon shaped) to logged out water, so the rider won’t be waterlogged.

Reason 3: Safety and Performance

The Sea-doo PFD is a US Coast Guard-approved Type III life vest, comes with safety measure such as D-ring, straps, lumber support and with instruction.

The high-visibility colors and reflective elements on the freedom life vest are designed to keep you safe and visible while out on the water.

Reason 4: Versatility and Style

This life vest is available in both men’s and women’s options, also comes with bunch of different sizes and two color option.

I like the branding of Sea-doo, it does make look different and quite young, due to its styling and vibrant blue color.

Freedom PFD Color Option

Reason 5: Trusted Brand and Features

  • Sea-Doo’s Trust

Sea-doo is a trusted brand with a reputation for producing high-quality accessories for decades. You can rest assured that the freedom series are well researched and developed product.

  • Features

Designer have really put on effort in designing this vest, they did though of rider’s losing their sunglasses. To counter this, they did provide D-ring at the back of jacket for goggles or sunglasses. Trust me, this is a helpful feature if you among those who misplace or lose goggle while riding.

It does have D-ring at bottom for attaching lanyard, some of you may think to attached lanyard through wrist is best option. But trust me, having lanyard attached to bottom D-ring keeps your hands-free giving extra comfort and safety.

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In conclusion, the BRP Sea-Doo PFD is the absolute beast at the price it is offered. It provide advanced and friendly nature material, plus features like stretchy sides with D-ring at back of jacket, gives you extra benefit for having this product.

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