11 Reasons Why Jet Skis Are Better: Discover the Pros of Jet Skiing Over Boating

Jet Ski vs Boat

Can’t decide between boat or jet ski : In my experience, I’ve found that there are a number of compelling reasons why jet skis are great choice than boats for certain types of water activities.

Let me share 11 of these reasons, so you can make an informed decision about boat or jet ski to choose. By the end of this, I hope any lingering doubts you have about whether a jet ski or boat is the right option for you will be cleared up.

Reasons for Jet ski over a Boat

1. Easy to Start and Stop

I have driven boats and jet skis, and when it comes to starting the engine- setting up a boat takes a good amount of time to make the initial move. Whereas jet skis are much easier to launch without any hassle. So if you’re looking for a PWC that is simple to start and stop, a jet ski may be the better choice for you.

2. Convenient

Storing a jet ski is far more convenient as compared to a bigger boat. You do not have to arrange for plenty of space in order to hover a jet ski. Besides every thing, it is light in weight which means that you need no additional help in carrying and handing it alone.

Usually, the boats are heavier to lift and need one more manpower to manage everything together. When it comes to cleaning a jet ski is way more convenient and cheaper than boats.

Boat occupying Space
Boat occupying space

3. Budget

Another important reason why most people would prefer the jet ski is because they can be purchased average jet ski at a bare minimum price of $7300 only. Moreover, the fuel consumption is extremely low as you burn only a few gallon of fuel while catching maximum speed. 

However, buying a entry-level boat, you need to spend a minimum of $20,000, which can be pretty expensive than jet ski prices. The bigger the boat model is, the more expensive it can be to cruise. Hence, low maintenance for jet ski adds up to the reason why jet ski is better buy.

Jet Ski Vs Boat - Expense
Jet Ski Vs Boat – Expense

4. Faster Sailing

Can you imagine rowing a boat at 30 mph? It is absolutely not possible, especially when there is an incredible blast of water. A high-end jet ski can have adrenalin rush of 78 Mph at full speed. If you are lucky enough to own a motor boat, at max you can reach a speed of 60 mph.

Though boat engine are more reliability but it definitely takes a lot of struggle to handle high waves at high speed. This can add more reason why enthusiast should look at the jet ski over boats.

Jet ski Vs Boat - Speed Factor

5. Manoeuvrable

Jet skis offer more manoeuvrability than boats due to its compact size and aerodynamic design. They can also reach higher speeds and take sharp turns more efficiently than boats. With the combination of their smaller size and supercharge 300 hp engines, jet skis can provide more manoeuvrability and better control than boats.

Jet ski manoeuvre

6. Fitting Two Narrow Jet Ski on one Trailer is possible

Jet skis, predominantly of small size, can conveniently fit two at a time on a trailer. There’s no need for extra storage areas as the dual jet ski trailer can manage multiple jet skis simultaneously. Moreover, it is also much easier for a truck to tow this dual jet ski trailer.

On the other hand, boats, with the exception of the bowrider boat, are more voluminous and command a higher price for transportation from one location to another.

Jet ski on trailer
Jet ski on trailer

7. Forget about finding a mooring ball or a dock station 

Locating a suitable dock station and operating the boat regularly can be difficult. The space required to launch a boat can also be a concern, and without enough room, it can be difficult to get the boat in water without encountering any issues.

A Jet ski on the other hand is so much more convenient because you can simply carry it wherever you want without messing around. Jet skis are far easier than handling a full fledged heavy boat that requires ropes, anchors and buoys.

boat on dock vs jet ski
boat on dock vs jet ski

8. easy to find spare parts

Jet skis are generally much smaller and lighter than boats, so not only do they require fewer parts, but those parts also tend to be smaller and more affordable. Additionally, jet ski parts are easier to find, as many retailers carry them or list them on eBay, whereas boat parts can be harder to acquire.

Furthermore, installing jet ski parts are generally easier to learn, as they are smaller and require less expertise to properly fit them. All of this adds up to a much simpler and more efficient process when it comes to maintaining your jet ski.

9. Fishing and Towing possible

Gone are the days when only performance and luxury boat owners would enjoy towing and fishing activities while rowing. Now, you can have the fishing on jet ski (depending on the model) which is far more affordable and convenient.

I absolutely love engaging in water recreation activities, especially being able to tow tubes and donuts with ease. Another great advantage of owning a jet ski is setting up a fishing rack and catching fish without having to rent a boat.

Fishing on jet ski

10. Enjoy Jumping tricks

You cannot jump around on a boat because that can literally damage the hull and electrics. A jet ski is designed for fun activities and catching hold of high speed. You can jump over waves with a jet ski and completely have enjoyable time on the water.

Jumping and racing using the handy sailing tool is absolutely yes. Jet skiing definitely brings a bigger grin when using it. The personal watercraft (PWC) is perfect for the younger generation who wants something non-complicated sports like, swift and easy to manage.

Jet ski jumping

11. Sail all alone

Having no company to sail around? Well, jet ski keeps things interesting in any case. Spending your personal time using the jet ski that lets you rap solo and still keep everything is super interesting with speed.

In case of mechanical error, a jet ski is much quicker to handle than boat. Riding boat solo is too boring and don’t have speed that keeps thing interesting.

Sail alone on Jet Ski

Important Considerations for Choosing Jet Skiing Over Boating

Factor 1 Pricing

Jet skis are a great way to have fun on the water, with an initial purchase price starting from just $7000. However, with regular use, it is important to consider the cost of maintenance which may arise every 2-3 months.

Factor 1 Pricing

In comparison, a sailboat boats typically start in the range of $20,000 and come with additional costs such as quarterly maintenance and storage charges.

While buying, a boat is great for groups of people, it may require a hefty downpayment and regular maintenance fees. On the other hand, a new jet ski can be yours for less than half the cost of a boat.

Factor 2 Maintenance Cost

Watercraft’s maintenance costs depend on a variety of factors, such as the size, weight, and usability of the craft. The larger and heavier the watercraft, the more expensive it will be to maintain.

Jet skis are much easier to clean and cost-effective to store, meaning you don’t have to worry about expensive marina storage fees.

Factor 2 Maintenance Cost

Boats are large and heavy, making them difficult to store in a private space and impossible to transport with a trailer. This increases the cost of maintenance, as well as the cost of transportation if the boat needs to be moved.

On the other hand, jet skis can also be used for tow sports, such as carrying wakeboard, tubes, and other watersport accessories. These activities are great fun and can provide an adrenalin rushes like no other. So, if you’re looking to get thrilling offshore time, jet skis could be the right option.

Which one is better?

Let’s face it, jet ski is no doubt better than boat because of the above reasons. However, you should remember that you cannot accompany a small dog or a child along on jet skis. You have to ride slower if in case you take a family member along.

Boat is definitely more comfortable to ride and you can sail around with the whole group of people. It delivers superior comfort and protection, which remains a non-debatable thing.

Final words

Jet skis and boats both have their pros and cons, everyone have their own purpose for sailing and riding. If you want to enjoy top-speed cruising with max 3 people on board, a jet ski is a choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are more of a family man who need to sail with the entire family, nothing can beat the comfort of a boat in that case. The choice is all yours!

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